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Category: Court Reporting

  • March
  • 21
  • 2019
  • Dianna Ray, Video Manager

What is a Video Deposition? As technology advances, the legal industry must harness these technologies to empower their cases and captivate their juries. In this media driven era, video depositions are a powerful tool that litigators can use to hold a jury's attention. It provides the jury with more impactful...

  • February
  • 22
  • 2019
  • Rhonda Jensen, President of Midwest Division, Lexitas

With 35 years in the court reporting industry, I’m a huge proponent of fitness for court reporters and office staff. I’ve personally seen the benefits in my own life, after joining a Boot Camp class 11 years ago. I make it a priority to attend my Boot Camp class three...

  • January
  • 31
  • 2019
  • Written by: Jason Primuth, EVP Strategy and Innovation, Lexitas

The adage that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is especially true with a deposition: you (almost) never get a second chance to depose the same witness. Effective questioning of a deponent can make or break a case. As a result, attorneys go to great...

  • December
  • 27
  • 2018
  • Author: Andrew Kim, Creative Video Specialist, Lexitas

Remote video depositions provide a host of benefits including: reduced costs, improved outcomes and a better work/life balance. Lexitas supplies a remote video deposition software that is an extension of its court reporting services at no additional charge. Our remote video deposition software provides a flexible and fully interactive or...

  • November
  • 07
  • 2018
  • Author: Janice Eidd-Meadows, Regional Director, Eastern Texas

When attorneys hire a court reporting firm, they want everything to go smoothly. Surprises may come from the witness testimony, but they shouldn’t experience any disappointments from the court reporting firm. To help in obtaining the best possible results, here are five things to expect from your court reporting firm....

  • August
  • 30
  • 2018
  • Author: Sara Bielamowicz, RPR

What is a realtime deposition? Realtime court reporting is the live translation of a reporter’s stenotype writing into readable text. This service allows attorneys or other participants to connect to the realtime reporters’ computer and view the draft testimony on a laptop or tablet as it occurs.  It has proved to be...

  • August
  • 09
  • 2018
  • Author: Janice Eidd-Meadows, Regional Director, Eastern Texas

Many attorneys are unfamiliar with the licensing requirements and rules that govern court reporters and court reporting firms. The court reporter rules, codified in the Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission Statutes, Rules and Policies, go very deep into what a court reporter can and can’t do in the State of...