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Affected by the EMSI Closure?

Lexitas is Here to Help

On July 3, 2020, EMSI shut their doors unexpectedly, the company website posted a notice that the closure was due to COVID-19 and notified their clients to find a new provider.  Lexitas has remained stable throughout the pandemic, adhering to our core value of Service Excellence despite the many challenges of COVID-19. For legal professionals left without medical records in their civil litigations, Lexitas is here to help!

Why consider Lexitas for your medical records needs?

Lexitas focuses on providing the best in class service, educating ourselves and our clients in the changes in the laws surrounding records retrieval, and innovation in technology to reduce the time spent retrieving records, decreasing total time spent working on a case. We do everything we can to individually and collectively exceed our client’s expectations.

Service Excellence

  • Dedicated Account Manager assigned to support your needs
  • Our Record Retrieval Team has more than 300 dedicated employees in the United States
  • Our reporting team and records team work closely together to leverage the power of our size to help with exhibits, timing of depositions and cost containment


  • Our 30+ year experience in the court reporting and record retrieval industry provides a foundation for continuous improvement.
  • Lexitas vets the discovery laws of each state on a regular basis to maximum effectiveness in case performance. We also track litigation trends and work to inform our clients of trends within record retrieval.


The development of our technology, including custodian repository submission reduces the delays and expense shipping services can add to the case time.

It is simple to order records with Lexitas:

Email or call us at 800-497-7618