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The Letter of the Law. The Spirit of Service.
Registered Agent Solutions (RASi)

The Letter of the Law. The Spirit of Service.

Our Services

At Lexitas, our goal is to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction. To do this, we provide our clients with a multitude of professional legal support services that save clients time and money, making depositions, arbitrations, court proceedings, records retrieval requests, and registered agent services to run smoothly.

Expert Court Reporting
Our experienced freelance court reporters deliver accurate transcription of highly complex, expert witness testimony and many other advanced deposition services. We rigorously screen our freelance reporters and affiliates to ensure that your deposition services are delivered with accuracy, speed, professionalism and advanced technological support.  

Records Retrieval for Defense Counsel, Corporations & Insurance Companies
Our approach to records retrieval ensures a process that is timely and accurate all the while keeping costs low.  We will keep you informed based on your needs, and provide accurate and timely work product, using our extensive knowledge of the specific retrieval rules in states around the country.  We customize our services to your specific needs.  

Records Retrieval for Plaintiff's Counsel
Large volume class action and mass tort litigation typically requires thousands of individual contacts and custodians around the country.  Our specialized plantiff records group has built teams and systems to allow you to and your staff focus on working your cases, leaving the coordination and organization of bulk records requests to our staff of experienced records technicians.

Records Retrieval for Workers' Compensation Cases
Our specialized workers compensation records retrieval group works exclusively with insurers, third party administrators and employers. We have existing and long standing direct bill agreements with dozens of large insurance companies around the country.  We possess and maintain a deep knowledge of both Federal and state laws regarding the records retrieval process.  The confidentiality of client files and records are closely safeguarded in full compliance with HIPAA and all DWC rules and regulations. 
As a professional registered agent organization, we provide the best value for corporate and registered agent services through innovative technologies, competitive pricing, and most importantly, quality service.

Online Client Portal and Repositories
Our online case repository provides access to all of your case-related information including calendar, scheduling, transcripts, exhibits, records retrieval orders, billing and more - from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

Realtime Court Reporting
Onsite or via the Internet, you can view instantaneous transcription of deposition testimony. We support CaseView, LiveNote, and Summation litigation support software.

Remote Depositions
LegalView is the premier remote viewing platform designed specifically for depositions and trial worldwide. It provides a fully-interactive (or one-way) viewing experience via computer, mobile device, traditional videoconferencing systems or telephone. 

Legal Video Services
Our certified legal video specialists use the best equipment and latest technologies for shooting depositions and editing video content.  We can provide video output in virtually any format and offer synchronized digital video transcripts delivered on our unique Pocket Transcript™ product.  

Electronic Transcripts
We automatically email all transcripts in multiple formats for you use: e-Transcript (ASCII, .PTX, .PDF), so you can easily review or import your deposition and exhibits in all standard software platforms, including trial presentation programs.

Pocket Transcript™
This unique solution provides fast and easy access to your case materials on an individual thumb drives.  Pocket Transcript™ includes transcripts in multiple file formats plus an Adobe .PDF version with linked exhibits. Separate exhibit storage and your digitized video and/or synchronized digital video transcripts are also included on this reusable device.

Video Conferencing
Each of our offices and conference rooms are equipped with state of the art video conferencing systems, including the ability to display exhibits to remote attendees live via picture-in-picture viewing.

Nationwide Deposition Suites
In addition to multiple video conference enabled rooms at each of our offices, we are happy to facilitate conference room use for your depositions at locations throughout the country, most times without additional cost.