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Remote Proceedings

Lexitas offer full remote support to keep your discovery schedule moving forward.

Lexitas, the global leader in remote depositions and proceedings, proudly offers LegalView - a seamless and completely interactive remote deposition experience. Easily participate in any legal proceeding with just an internet connection and camera-enabled computer or device.  Supported by Lexitas’ world-class service, LegalView enables participants to keep their cases moving forward without ever leaving home.

Remote Depositions with LegalView
LegalView stands out from the rest because of its ease of use, connection flexibility, unlimited party participation, and military-grade security and compliance. Lexitas has supported over 12,000 remote proceedings via LegalView.

Remote Arbitrations with LegalView
As the Coronavirus pandemic halts industry across the world, remote depositions and arbitrations are now a critical necessity for moving your cases forward.  We invite you to experience how Lexitas’ unmatched investment in research, development and implementation had made LegalView the best-in-class remote solution for the legal industry.


Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Proceedings

This resource provides you with answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding remote proceedings. If you don't see what you're looking for be sure to fill out the contact form to submit your question. 

Rules Governing Remote Court Reporting
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, courts have shown an even greater willingness to allow remote depositions and remote court reporters. 
This page contains a list of the jurisdictions that have traditionally allowed remote court reporting; as well as states that have amended their rules to allow for it as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. 


Remote Depositions Security Overview

Security is paramount for every service offered by Lexitas, especially remote depositions. LegalView, our remote deposition platform, has been built from the ground up to incorporates the scalability, ease of use and ubiquity of Zoom with our own robust security protocols to protect our clients and their proceedings. Our clients are not vulnerable to the security problems you read about in the news.

Remote Deposition Blog Posts
See what our experts have to say about remote depositions, topics include: tips for success, enhancing the deposition experience, secure remote deposition technology, and more. 

Remote Deposition Demo Videos