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The Letter of the Law. The Spirit of Service.

Specialized Records Retrieval Services

Lexitas provides reliable and cost effective national record retrieval service for medical, business and employment records obtained by subpoena or authorization.  

Our specialized defense records group works exclusively with defense counsel, corporation and insurance company clients.  We work with panel and non-panel law firms and have existing and long standing direct bill agreements with dozens of large insurance companies around the country. 

We possess and maintain a deep knowledge of both Federal and individual state laws regarding the records retrieval process.  The confidentiality of client files and records are closely safeguarded in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our approach to the records retrieval process is highly regimented, with closely monitored progress benchmarks, ensuring both timely delivery and predictable costs.  Our clients are kept informed as to each order’s status, according to their specific requirements and needs.  We offer customized billing, client/matter activity and spending reporting.  We perform quarterly reviews on performance metrics, customer satisfaction and preference updates. 
Our online client portal, exclusively for defense records clients, provides:
  • Individual order tracking, with fee approval controls
  • Saved case information for new orders
  • Status reports with full case summary
  • Searchable and tabbed Adobe PDF documents (with electronic bates labeling)
  • Full integration with FTP and document management systems
  • Disaster recovery /offsite backup of files
To place a records retrieval request, please use our online request form or contact us, at your convenience.