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Remote Depositions with LegalView

Avoid traveling for depositions by utilizing the latest technologies available from Lexitas.  Our interactive internet deposition and video streaming services include integrated real-time video and transcription and exhibit viewing to enable attorneys, experts and paralegals to attend depositions via the internet from any location worldwide. 

LegalView is the premier remote viewing platform designed specifically for depositions and trial worldwide. It provides a fully-interactive (or one-way) viewing experience via computer, mobile device, traditional videoconferencing systems or telephone. Support by Lexitas' world-class client service and patented technologies, LegalView enables participants to be part of the action without ever leaving their office or home. 

EASE OF USE - the internet and computer are all you need. 

connect anywhere to anyone, regardless of hardware or device. 

interact fully or view proceedings using our virtual "one-way mirror." Perfect for clients, co-counsel, experts and adjusters.  

Lexitas' specialists can monitor every minute of every LegalView deposition to ensure perfect quality. Available upon request in some locations.

military-grade encryption exceed HIPAA technical safeguard standards

  • AES-128 bit media encryption SRTP for audio, video and shared content. Chat messages are transmitted over the source of the signaling link.
  • Secure HTTPS login utilizing industry standard PKI
  • TLS using strong encryption ciphers for signaling
  • Password hashing in database
  • Component blocking for spoof prevention
  • Encrypted token technology
  • No login information kept at the desktop
  • Connect through computers, videoconferencing, mobile devices, and phone to the same event. 
  • Videos are recorded in a secure server as H.264 MP4 files using 832x468 resolution with 48-bit AAC audio and stored as encrypted files at rest. Available upon request in some locations.
  • These videos which can be transcoded into any other video format, and synchronized with the transcript for use in presentation software such as Sanction or Trial Director. 
  • Scalable Video Coding (SVC) maximized the quantity over networks of all speeds.
  • Video Codecs enable connections from 50k/second to 50 MB/sec.
  • Depending on bandwidth, video will stream as high as 1080p / 30 fps. 
  • LegalView has the ability to traverse firewalls, without compromising the integrity of the private network or requiring additional expensive equipment. 
  • LegalView will automatically detect if it's blocked by firewalls, and will automatically switch to configuration as needed. If the firewall configuration is known, auto detection can be easily overridden. 
For more information regarding our remote deposition services, contact us at your convenience.