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The Letter of the Law. The Spirit of Service.

Corpus Christi Court Reporting & Record Retrieval

Important Note for records custodians - please do not send requested records to this office, instead forward records to the specific Lexitas location address indicated on the request itself. Thank you. 

  • 615 N. Upper Broadway, Suite 1450
    Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

    Tel: Reporting Direct: 361-883-3400
    Records: 800-497-7618
    Fax: 361-883-3411

    Our Lexitas Corpus Christi office is your one-stop solution for local court reporting and record retrieval services. Our excellent Corpus Christi staff provide you with strong local support while also assisting you with the following services nationwide:
    • High-Quality Court Reporting
    • Specialized Medical Record Retrieval
    • Certified Realtime Court Reporters
    • Arbitration Support
    • Legal Video Services
    • Video Conferencing & Remote Depositions
    • Nationwide Conference Rooms

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