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Mediation Training

This Mediation Training is for attorneys who wish to qualify as a mediator under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17, attorneys seeking to more effectively represent clients in mediation, and current mediators seeking advanced training. See below for more specifics on topics we will cover.

Lexitas and Confluence Missouri, Inc. are pleased to offer:

16 Hour Basic Mediation Training

Wednesday & Thursday September 20 - 21 | 8:30am – 5:00pm

8 hour Advanced Mediation Training

Friday September 22 | 8:30am – 5:00pm

Location: In-person at Lexitas: 711 N. 11th St. St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Total Hours: 16 for basic training, 24 for all three days, 8 hours for advanced training


Cost to attend the training are as follow:
  • Attending days 1 & 2 (Basic mediation training) - $850
  • Attending day 3 only (Advanced mediation training) - $450
  • Attending all 3 days - $1,200

Registration fees include lunch and parking each day.

Space is limited, register today.

Questions? Call (314) 644-2191 or email


  • Simone Haberstock, Esq.
  • Patrick Sanders, Esq.
  • Nicole Pace, LCSW
  • Peter Dunne, Esq.
  • Tom Stewart, Esq.
  • Kevin Chafin, LPC
  • Debbie Champion, Esq.


  • Introduction to Conflict and Disputes
  • What is Mediation and when should it be used?
  • Negotiation Theory for Mediators and Lawyers
  • Negotiation Exercise
  • The Rules to the Game- using the Model Standards of Practice to practice ethically and effectively
  • Communication and Emotional Management in Mediation
  • Communication Exercise
  • Video of Mediation-Intro to Steps of mediation
  • The mediation process- Steps
  • Role Play
  • Challenges in Conflict Resolution (non-verbal triggers, power imbalances, culture, racial/ethnic/gender disparagement, impaired reasoning (cognitive bias)
  • Stories and the importance of using communication and narrative mediation in complex cases
  • Practice Management & On-line mediation Ethics (1.0 CLE)


  • Productive pre-mediation meetings and memorandums
  • Using caucus effectively as a Mediator or Attorney
  • Preparing effective Memorandums of Understanding
  • Role Play
  • Issues in Court Connected mediation - Good faith, participation, authority, and reporting to the court
  • Biases, Culture and Mediation - Ethics credit (1.0 CLE/ .8 CU)/1.0 Diversity/Bias
  • Using evaluative mediation ethically and strategically
  • Role Play
  • Mediating Different disputes- style, form, and other considerations
  • Competence, Neutral lists & panels
  • Mediator Impartiality and managing triggers
  • Practice Management considerations, Q&A, wrap up.

DAY 3 - Advanced Mediation Bootcamp – Epic Challenge to Resolving Disputes

  • Introduction to Case Study
  • Effective use of the Pre and Post mediation process to settle
  • Successful opening statements and strategic use of information in the case study
  • Adding tools to your toolbox- More on negotiation theory
  • More Strategies for settlement
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-Mediating with difficult litigants who might not, will not, or cannot engage in productive settlement discussions
  • Tools for overcoming impasse in Mediation
  • Know when to Hold ‘em and when to Show Them – the Ethical and Effective use of Information in mediation
  • Multi-party mediations

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