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eLaw® Case Tracking

Never miss an appearance.


New York & New Jersey’s #1 Court Docketing System

Through the recent acquisition of eLaw®, Lexitas now provides web-based docketing and calendaring software to New York and New Jersey legal professionals. eLaw® allows attorneys to search, monitor and manage active and archived cases, dockets and court calendars in the New York and New Jersey trial courts as well as all U.S. District Courts.

New York and New Jersey legal professionals overwhelmingly rely on eLaw® as their single source of information to productively manage their caseloads. Have alerts sent directly to you and synchronized with your calendar or CMS. eLaw® is all you need to stay informed on your cases. 
  • The most robust case information available from New York, New Jersey, and Federal courts
  • Save time on docket searching
  • Never miss an appearance – get up to the minute alerts and info on all your cases
  • Track case outcomes and recover the fees owed to you
  • Integrates with all major CMS platforms

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Automated case tracking that provides clients with up-to-the-minute email alerts and docket syncing with case management systems.


A comprehensive online search engine covering the New York and New Jersey trial courts as well as 94 of the 95 U.S. District Courts.
ecopy document retrieval

eCopy Document Retrieval

Place orders for court documents and subpoenaed records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All orders receive a tracking number to monitor progress.

Sync eLaw® to any calendar or case management system

  • No manual entry of dates in calendar
  • Your own personalized eLaw calendar
  • Instant access to all court decisions and calendar dates
  • Case tracking charges are 100% client reimbursable charges
  • Track all your NJ, NY and Federal district courts all in one location

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