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Introducing Deposition Insights™ - AI-Enabled Deposition Summaries Learn more

Deposition Insights™

AI-enabled deposition summaries

Lexitas is excited to announce the launch of Deposition Insights™

Deposition Insights™ is a transcript summarization and analysis tool unmatched by anything else in the industry. Deposition Insights™ is an exclusive offering that uses artificial intelligence to provide a deeper understanding of deposition testimony. 

Deposition Insights™ provides users with four ways of working with the content of a transcript:​
  • Deposition Outline: A structured, easy to consume bulleted overview of the deposition and case.
  • Deposition Summaries: Condenses hours of content into succinct summaries. Four types of summaries are provided​
  • Visualization: Provides a visual analysis and quick-reference view of key issues, topics, and foundational testimony
  • PDF Transcript: PDF version of the transcript for easy navigation

Want to learn more?

Deposition summaries

Deposition Insights™ condenses hours of content into succinct summaries. Four types of summaries are provided: 
  • Detailed Summary: A longer narrative summary of the deposition.
  • High-Level Summary: A short, narrative synopsis of the deposition at a high level.
  • Page-Line Summary: A traditional summary separated into topics with relevant page-line references.
  • Topical Summary: A structured summary of the deposition broken into topics to make it easy to scan.

We safeguard your critical data

Lexitas is dedicated to ensuring the highest security and privacy of your sensitive data.

Transcripts stay in our secure environment
Transcripts are not used to train a large language model
HIPAA Compliant
Transcripts are kept on the servers no longer than 30 days

AI-enabled deposition summaries

Deposition Insights™ leverages the latest advancements in natural language processing and machine learning to streamline the analysis and summarization of deposition transcripts.