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The Letter of the Law. The Spirit of Service.
Registered Agent Solutions (RASi)

Expertise and a Passion for Providing Great Service

About Us

Since 1987, we have built our company upon a belief that having strong personal relationships with our clients, and providing reliable, accurate and professional services is the driving force of our success and continued growth.  

Lexitas is a professional family of litigation support companies that offers an array of litigation support services including expert court reporting, state-of-the-art realtime and internet deposition services, and specialized medical records retrieval services for workers' compensation casesplaintiff counsel, defense counsel, corporations and insurance companies.

Our reach is truly national as well as international, and our hundreds of outstanding full-time staff and expert service providers are ready to deploy customized, high-quality solutions to our clients at virtually any time or place.

For legal professionals who have critical and often immediate needs for expert, local and national litigation support services, Lexitas is a strategic litigation support partner that furnishes our clients with best-of-breed services, inspires confidence, provides convenience, and delivers value.

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