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About Our Family of Companies

Lexitas Reception Area
While we have grown in size, we maintain the same level of superior service you’ve come to expect to work with our family of companies. In contrast to impersonal national firms, our approach is to stay true to our small business roots by continuing to provide warm, personalized service to all of our clients with the added benefit of being able to service your needs virtually anywhere they may arise.
 Deitz      America First          Legal MonkeyJensen Litigation Solutions        Barrister Reporting Services        Deposition Solutions, LLC      Nextgen Reporting 
 Castle Copy Service                                         
 Our name, logo, tagline and cornerstone device help unify all of our brands and services while also helping us be recognizable and memorable as a national service partner.  The look and feel of our brand emphasizes our focus on reliable, personalized and professional service. 

The name Lexitas combines two Latin words, the first being Lex - the Latin word for law, which is also a reference to the word lexicon, meaning the spoken and written word.  The latter part of our name is derived from Veritas, the Latin word for truth.  As impartial officers of the court, and providers of strategic legal support services, we are faithful to the truth of spoken testimony before the Law.  And the cornerstone device in our logo also has special meaning to us.  While our services have expanded to be national and international, and we have multiple offices in other states, this "star" element is a tribute to our historic Texas roots.  

Considering all of this, and in combination with our dedication to providing the highest quality services, you can appreciate why our brand line is...

The Letter of the Law. The Spirit of Service.