The Letter of the Law. The Spirit of Service.

Leadership Team

The Spirit of Service Starts Here

Gary Buckland


Stan Mason


Zack Miller


Sam Bragg

President, Western Division

Aaron Brown

Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Sherry Bourque

Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Corey Cormier

President, Legal Monkeys (ARC)

Bo Davis

Regional Director, North Texas & Nationwide Networking

Chad Davenport

Vice President of Sales, Texas

Janice Eidd-Meadows

Regional Director, Eastern Texas

Bert Farris

President, Plaintiff Records

Judy Frushour

Director of Human Resources

Joe Gusmeri

Vice President, Information Technology

Jon Hefler

President, Mid-Atlantic Division

Mark Hoorwitz

President, Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT)

Denise Jabour

Vice President of Operations, Dallas Records Division

Rhonda Jensen

President, Midwest Division

Kayla Lambert

Marketing Manager

Laura Miller

Vice President, Human Resources

Cheryl Ormston

Vice President, National Accounts

Brandy Patrick

President, Defense Records

Jason Primuth

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Sally Rach

Regional Director, Southern Texas

Fabian Rodriguez

Regional Director, Central Texas

Joe Spinozzi

Executive Vice President, Bis. Development and M&A

Scott Summers

Director of Mergers and Acquisitions

Trace Tucker

Sr. Vice President, Treasury, Tax and Risk Management

Ken Varallo

Vice President of Sales, Mid-Atlantic

Melinda Weaver

Sr. Vice President, Court Reporting