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We take great pride in having built what we consider to be a preeminent professional litigation support services organization.  Experiences like those below are what we strive to create, every day, in everything we do.  We welcome your feedback, questions, comments and - if we have earned it - your personal testimonial regarding our services and staff.

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“I love that someone always calls or emails the day before a deposition to confirm my requests. On the few occasions when I have forgotten to book a court reporter, DepoTexas(now Lexitas) was quick to find someone at the last minute. I really appreciate how helpful and reliable DepoTexas(Lexitas) is, and how much easier my job is because of it.” 
Howry Breen & Herman, L.L.P; | Austin, TX

We really appreciate your help. Your guys’ ability to jump in and do very good work on short notice will not be forgotten.
Richards, Layton & Finger | Wilmington, DE

“I have worked with DepoTexas(now Lexitas) for over fourteen years. Being a paralegal, my bosses often need rushed transcripts, last minute court reporters when opposing council’s reporters don’t’ show and the most advanced legal video services. I know I can call make one call to DepoTexas(Lexitas) for all my deposition service needs. DepoTexas(Lexitas) always comes through for me.”
Stacy & Conder LLP | Dallas, TX

Because patent litigation is so critical to our success, we take depositions very seriously. Having immediate access to the proceedings helps us work with our counsel more effectively and efficiently.
Walnut Industries | Bensalem, PA

“You are all my heroes! I love you all. You’re on top of the game. I know I can always count on DepoTexas(now Lexitas) for fast and reliable deposition services. It is great to work with such an excellent team of court reporters and litigation service industry experts.”
Hermes Sargent Bates, LLP | Dallas, TX

Lexitas helps me serve my clients better. Now rather than spend the time and money to fly to every one of my depositions, I can now choose which ones I want to attend and invite my clients to view all the depositions live or whenever the time is right for them. I used to waste so much time in airports and driving. Now I use that time helping my clients in more tangible ways.
Troy Glander
Allan, Nava and Glander | San Antonio, TX

“I have been extremely pleased with the fast, efficient, and pleasant service provided by DepoTexas(now Lexitas). You all have been wonderful with accommodating my requests, including my last minute rushes.  I’ve found your service to be very dependable and I’m grateful for that. Keep up the wonderful job!”
Ross Law Group | San Antonio, TX

The availability of the video record makes a big difference. My clients and I can see how witnesses would present at trial, and we use this tool for settlement discussions and trial presentations. I recommend that other attorneys should be open to it. There’s inertia that needs to be overcome, but it’s a great option.
Barry Cohen
Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC | Conshohocken, PA

“With over 27 years of experience as a legal assistant, I have utilized the services of various court reporting firms.  After engaging the services of DepoTexas(now Lexitas) for the past eight years, I attest that no other service comes close. The personal attention, hands-on approach, product quality and timeliness are simply amazing.  There is no doubt that DepoTexas(Lexitas) has gone to great lengths to staff a diversity of people of high character and skill. I give them two thumbs up and encourage everyone who may be seeking a reliable andtrusted deposition service firm to look no further than DepoTexas(Lexitas).”
Littler Mendelson, P.C. | Houston, TX

“Lexitas has done outstanding trial work for me, including in my recent 9 million verdict in the falling power line case.” 
Shanin Specter
Kline & Specter | Philadelphia, PA