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Part 2: Legal Photography Service: “I Can Take it With My iPhone”

  • April
  • 30
  • 2019
  • Author: Andrew Kim, Creative Video Specialist, Lexitas

In Part 1, we reviewed the technical aspects of why attorneys should use a legal photography service instead of relying on a camera phone. In this continuation, we will focus on how a photographer’s knowledge and attention to detail provides the best solution for cases that involve documentation.

Evidence Detail

Certain cases call for a certain quality. In situations where the photo site is very dark, specific camera settings are needed in order to capture all the details. Camera phones do not have the capabilities to capture the same details as DSLR camera. If there are stains on an article of clothing, a photographer with the right knowledge and the right camera will be able to capture that detail even in low lighting.

Legal Videography

The same factors apply in legal videography. Professional videographers have specific tools for low lighting. Much of crime scene photography is at night, so it’s not worth it to try with a phone.

Because the phone will never capture as much detail as a DSLR camera, stick with a professional videographer. A professional knows how to compensate for daylight or night time photos. With video or DSLR, you really need high quality cameras and sensors and someone who knows how to use them

Sound and Tough Conditions

Surprisingly, audio is the number one reason you want in your legal video services. Professionals have powerful microphones that capture high quality audio for interviews or ambient noise for whatever’s happening.

Weather conditions can also pose a problem. To alleviate these issues, professionals will have equipment like gimbals and stabilizers, drones and other items that will to get all the shots and angles needed.

Telling a Story

We adjust to attorneys’ workflow and simply capture the moments appropriate to what they need to fight a case. If there’s drama required in a photo, we take the photo to pull more empathy out of the jury. We know the best angle to portray car damage and other legal contingencies.

We take legal photography and legal video services a step further by adapting to each situation. Our priority is the client and what's most effective for the case. We’re telling a story with a visual language.