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Lexitas Data Security Ensures High Service Levels

  • July
  • 17
  • 2019
  • Joseph Gusmeri, Vice President, Information Technology

 In this post, he shares what makes Lexitas’ data security, privacy, and availability so good. Vice President of IT and Acting CSO, Joseph Gusmeri, oversees a comprehensive security effort at Lexitas.

As one of the fastest-growing litigation support companies in the U.S., Lexitas has been working for years laying a foundation of data protection, information privacy, and data security in preparation for growth objectives. This ongoing security effort is key to our ability to expand while maintaining high levels of availability and protection. Your data is our data, and we treat it as such.

To maintain a secure environment, we employ several layers of security and protection. For an analogy, I’d like you to think about auto safety for a moment. Of course, there’s the seatbelt safety layer with a shoulder strap. Then you have an airbag layer to cushion passengers in case of serious impact. To reduce the destructive forces on the passengers, the car design has crumple zone layers and a collapsible steering column layer. Add technology layers such as collision warning and automatic braking to reduce the need for impact protection, then add in a skilled driver and you have a very safe and secure operating environment.

These layered safety features, all working together, make the car much safer to operate as well safer in the event of an incident. Therefore, Lexitas’ approach to security is a correspondingly deployed “layered” security model. Let’s briefly examine the primary layers of our data security at Lexitas.

Physical Security

Lexitas maintains the highest levels of physical security. Our data center requires three levels of security to obtain physical access. You must provide something you know (code, passphrase, PIN), something you have (protected token), and something you are (biometric match) to gain physical access to our corporate data center.

Even if someone does fraudulently gain access into the data center or one of our offices, credentials are still required to access the physical system and then different credentials are required to access the application which is running in the secure data center.

Privacy Priority

Information privacy at Lexitas ranks as our highest priority. We employ multiple authentication requirements for systems access.  Single-sign-on applications, two-factor authentication schemes for remote access, and encrypted data transmission ensure that your data is protected from end-to-end.

Some organizations use a physical key to access laptops. The problem with this approach most people carry or store the key in the case, which is stolen with the laptop. Instead, we use authentication codes refreshed every 60 seconds and encrypted storage to prevent unauthorized access to data on laptops and mobile devices.

High Data Protection Levels

Lexitas’ data protection levels are among the highest in the industry.

Our endpoint security features real-time virus scanning and adaptive protection with active reporting on endpoint compliance. Adaptive learning and scanning firewalls provide the highest levels of border protection. Moreover, top tier data encryption standards, real-time alerts, and notifications prove our commitment to data protection.

Our level of protection is unparallel to anyone in the industry. All web access and downloads are under protection, and email attachments are logged and scanned. Our email protection system re-writes every URL and compares it to known threats. Furthermore, this system also tracks every URL and notifies management if it later discovers that the URL is unsafe.

Awareness Adds to Security

The final layer of security is our people. We conduct regular security awareness campaigns pointing out email phishing, scams, bad actors, malicious web sites, local security, and individual privacy security.

In addition, we stay up-to-date by keeping our staff aware of security posters, emails, and campaigns for HIPAA and other security requirements. At Lexitas, we have good people with a security-first mindset.

High Availability of Services

What does this have to do with security? Everything to be honest.  If a system or component becomes unavailable and you don’t have access to your data, how secure do you feel?  To make sure your data is always ready when you need it, we employ an encrypted SD-WAN, multiple data center links with disparate last mile, offsite critical systems replication and cloud storage.

Our SD-WAN keeps all paths active, which means no such thing as “failover” for our network. Because links drop occasionally, we keep multiple links active to prevent session interruptions.  Hence, in the event of a network or provider failure; phone calls, email access, systems access, and backups continue to operate uninterrupted. In the unlikely event that we suffer a total system failure, our failover protocol can “spin up” our services in another location in under a minute.

Highly available and redundant systems are a key component of our commitment to service.

High Service Levels

For users of Lexitas case management services, high availability in addition to strong security provides a lot of reassurance. Moreover, it can prevent a disaster at a local data center from affecting a trial. Depositions on demand, medical records, and videos for the trial are all available for download.

In conclusion, I want Lexitas customers to understand the effort we put into security. As a fast-growing company, providing high levels of service and security are very important to us and our clients.

Download the Lexitas Security Document

About the Author

Vice President of IT and Acting CSO, Joseph Gusmeri, oversees a comprehensive security effort at Lexitas. Joe has 25 years of experience of IT leadership in the design and development of network infrastructures to standardize and automate systems for business continuity and improved performance. Moreover, he brings global project management, infrastructure lifecycle development, technology deployment and integration, cloud computing solutions, high-performance applications, strategic planning, risk management and business process reengineering to our organization.