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Contract Staffing Opportunities FAQs

What is Lexitas' registration process?

Lexitas’s registration process starts at our website. Candidates can search all open jobs and simply “Submit Your Resume” for a specific position or to be considered for future opportunities.

Once your Word formatted resume is submitted, it will be reviewed by our team of legal recruitment specialists. We encourage you to provide: (i) a cover letter explaining the type of work you’re looking for, (ii) your salary expectation and (iii) your work location preferences. If we have an opportunity that fits your qualifications and goals, we will contact you as soon as possible. If there are no open positions, we will continue to hold your resume until new opportunities arise.

The Lexitas registration process also includes a personal interview with one of our legal recruitment specialists, a professional reference check, the review and execution of our registration documents and a bar and grievance verification for all licensed attorneys.

Will my resume be distributed without my knowledge?

Lexitas does not distribute your resume to any of our clients without your permission. Every opportunity is unique and has to be a good fit for our candidates. We will always contact you about a new opportunity to determine if you are interested in it before sending your resume to our client. If you are not interested in an opportunity, it is not in anyone’s best interest for your resume to be submitted. Because of this policy, we ask that you respond to us as quickly as possible after we contact you about a new opportunity.

If you register with multiple agencies, be sure to review individual firm policies regarding resume distribution and keep track of where your resume is sent.

What is a document review project?

Document review is a task performed by attorneys and/or paralegals in anticipation of legal proceedings or during the discovery phase of litigation. Documents are reviewed either electronically or by hand (hard copy). During the review process, documents are reviewed to determine relevance and/or responsiveness based on the facts of the case and legal issues involved. Document review projects have various phases, including the initial review, quality control, privilege review and privilege log creation.

What is a secondment?

In the legal industry, the term secondment is typically used when a law firm transfers one of its attorneys from normal firm duties, to an assignment for a corporate client. At Lextas, we provide a similar service to our law firm and corporate clients. Our secondees are high-level attorneys with specific practice area experience who are selected to work with our clients for specific projects.

Will I work on site at Lexitas or with the client?

Lexitas projects may take place in our Lexitas Review Center at our corporate headquarters in Troy, Michigan, at other Lexitas offices nationwide, at our clients’ preferred locations or may be done remotely/work from home.

Regardless of the location, you will work closely with the Lexitas team and our client liaisons to ensure a successful project.

Does working with or registering with Lexitas preclude me from registering with other staffing firms or continuing with my own job search and outreach?

No, Lexitas does not preclude our candidates from registering with other staffing firms or from pursuing an individualized job search. Lexitas recognizes that we are one resource for our candidates actively or passively seeking employment opportunities. We do ask that if you commit to one of our contract engagements or document review projects, you honor that commitment.

If Lexitas contacts you about an opportunity that you have already heard about from another agency, please advise us. We do not want to duplicate your employment efforts or risk confusion to the client by having two firms represent you.

How do I get paid?

Upon accepting a contract opportunity with Lexitas, you become a Lexitas employee. Lexitas pays its employees biweekly and recommends utilizing direct deposit. In some specific cases, Lexitas may enter into an independent contractor relationship.