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LegalView Exhibit Manager

Handle exhibits electronically with LegalView Exhibit Manager – a sophisticated but simple interface that enables attorneys to upload, mark, and introduce exhibits online.

Prior to the remote deposition, upload an entire universe of exhibits to a private folder in our secure repository. On the day of the deposition, instantly access the exhibit to be introduced and apply an exhibit sticker. Customize the exhibit sticker with important details such as the date, witness name, and volume number. Once the exhibit is officially marked and introduced, it is automatically placed into a shared folder for all participants to access via a secure link.

LegalView Exhibit Manager provides the opposing counsel, witness, and court reporter with a seamless way to view and download marked exhibits during the deposition. No additional software is needed. At the conclusion of the deposition, all parties leave with a final set of the marked exhibits in hand.
LegalView Exhibit Manager FAQ
LegalView Exhibit Manager is simple to use, making it easy to introduce electronic exhibits in just a few simple steps. Run LegalView Exhibit Manager on your own or request one of our skilled document technicians to oversee the exhibit marking process for you.

Lexitas offers a well-executed exhibit management experience for remote depositions.
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