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Introducing Deposition Insights™ - AI-Enabled Deposition Summaries Learn more


Lexitas Launches AI-Enabled Deposition Summaries

Deposition Insights™ Provides Efficient and Comprehensive Review of Deposition Testimony

Lexitas, a leading provider of technology-enabled litigation services and a portfolio company of funds advised by Apax, announced the launch of Deposition Insights™ - AI-enabled deposition summaries.

Deposition Insights™ is a transcript summarization and analysis tool unmatched by anything else in the industry. This exclusive Lexitas offering uses artificial intelligence to provide a deeper understanding of deposition testimony. The interactive PDF provides four different types of deposition summaries and a cutting-edge visualization tool.

Deposition Insights™ leverages a proprietary artificial intelligence framework, incorporating state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs) with advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. The LLMs are fine-tuned on a specialized legal framework which provides a more accurate and nuanced understanding of legal narratives. By analyzing deposition transcripts, the AI identifies overarching themes and critical insights, distilling complex information into concise, strategic summaries and visualizations.

Deposition Insights™ adheres rigorously to data privacy and confidentiality standards, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Through robust data security and an encrypted, self-contained processing environment, Lexitas upholds the highest standards of data protection.

"Lexitas is laser-focused on delivering innovative technology solutions that empower our clients to drive accuracy and efficiency in everything they do. The legal industry has embraced advances in technology over the last three years, and the pace of change will continue to increase. Lexitas continues to deliver service excellence while providing technology-based solutions that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients" stated Chris Fields, Chief Technology Officer at Lexitas.