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Lexitas Launches Record Insights™: An AI-Enabled Chronological Summary of Medical Records Learn more


Lexitas Launches Record Insights™

An Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Full Chronological Summary of Medical Records

Lexitas, a leading provider of technology-enabled litigation services and a portfolio company of funds advised by Apax, announced the launch of Record Insights™, a full chronological summary of medical records unmatched by anything else in the industry.

Record Insights™ is an AI-based solution utilizing natural language processing to condense thousands of pages of records into an actionable and materially meaningful medical summary. The robust chronology provides a straight timeline which can be pulled and filtered by conditions, physicians, procedures, medications, etc. and is paired with a key word index.

"Lexitas is consistently focused on developing technology-based innovations to better support our clients and add value to their organizations. Record Insights™ is an essential technology solution for our clients as they take on heavier workloads, deal with staffing shortages, and increasingly complex issues. We value our clients and their feedback and have used their insights to drive our pipeline of innovations and client platforms," said Brandy Patrick, President of the Lexitas Records Division.

Record Insights™ extracts vital medical information and creates a user-friendly report summarizing the medical records processed. Users are presented with a case overview of key impairments and recent findings and can view relevant information with an easy-to-use navigation system requiring no training or specialized software. The complete medical history is summarized within a few pages with information displayed chronologically, allowing the user to search and filter the information by medical condition, date, body system, and more.