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LegalView Remote Depositions Security Overview

Security is paramount for every service offered by Lexitas, especially remote depositions. LegalView, our remote deposition platform, has been built from the ground up to incorporates the scalability, ease of use and ubiquity of best-in-class video platforms with our own robust security protocols to protect our clients and their proceedings. Our clients are not vulnerable to the security problems you read about in the news.

Lexitas is the market leader in remote deposition technology with over 13,000 successful LegalView sessions with 0 security issues reported. Because we take the security of your proceedings and data seriously we have established extra security layers to protect our remote proceedings.

Lexitas deploys a high level of in-meeting security for the protection of our clients:

  1. The room is notified every time someone enters or leaves a meeting
  2. The host can remove a participant. Removed participants are not allowed to rejoin
  3. All private chats are disabled
  4. The host can mute/unmute a participant or all participants
  5. Only the host can create and place meeting participants into separate breakout rooms
  6. Only the host can record a meeting
  7. Participation in the meeting is only allowed by using the assigned meeting ID
  8. The Lexitas host can lock a meeting or end a meeting

How Lexitas prevents meeting disruptions:
We have all heard news reports of uninvited attendees breaking in and disrupting meetings. This occurs when meeting links are shared publicly (such as on a web page) to a meeting without security controls in place. It is analogous to posting your home address online and leaving your front door open. We’ve seen recent examples of this when school districts posted links to online sessions on a public website. They did not make these events private, and they allowed anyone to share their screen. As a result, those events were interrupted. Lexitas prevents such incidents with the following protocols:

  1. All LegalView events are private and the link is only sent to the parties that our client specifies. 
  2. Our meeting links are never posted in a way that the general public can access or search for them.
  3. We do not use repeatable personal meeting IDs for our meetings. Instead, Lexitas uses a randomly-generated secure meeting ID, exclusive to a single meeting.
  4. Our unique meeting IDs are valid only on the day of the proceeding, thereby making it even more secure.
  5. Every LegalView event is hosted. Hosts have total control over the meeting, and can identify and remove any unauthorized participants.

How Lexitas prevents cloud-based recording issues:
We never record remote proceeding videos to the cloud. All LegalView depositions are stored on a secure local server, then uploaded (over encrypted channels) into our file repository where they are encrypted at rest.