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Remote Arbitrations with LegalView

Lexitas is the global leader in remote solutions for legal proceedings.  With our patented remote video platform LegalView, we’ve have handled over 13,000 remote depositions and arbitrations, by far the most in the industry.  As the Coronavirus pandemic halts industry across the world, remote technology is a critical necessity for moving your arbitrations forward.  We invite you to experience how Lexitas’ unmatched investment in research, development and implementation had made LegalView the best-in-class remote solution for the legal industry.

Comfort & Flexibility

  • LegalView allows all participants to conduct arbitrations from the comfort of your home or office; on any web-capable device.  With LegalView, all parties can be in an unlimited number of separate locations. 
  • Lexitas provides quality remote court reporters offering same day rough drafts and Realtime scrolling text.
  • Live LegalView Monitors take care of connecting all parties and tracking participants in the sessions.
  • LegalView allows for secure Breakout Rooms where your team can work privately by remote video and be reconnected at any point to the main video session.
  • Lexitas Document Techs remotely organize, track and display exhibits for all parties in the arbitration, much like a “hot seat operator” would in a courtroom.
  • Live Monitors can record the arbitration remotely and provide a video of the entire proceeding online and in any common video format.  Our LegalView patent even allows participants to go on and off the record at any point during the proceedings.

Exhibits / Realtime

 See Realtime scrolling text alongisde your LegalView video or move it to another monitor.

With LegalView, exhibit handling has never been easier. Lexitas Document Techs will organize, track, and display exhibitors for all parties in the arbitration. Document Techs can pass control of an exhibit screen to witnesses for annotations or highlighting. New exhibits can be saved with annotations. 


At Lexitas, we take our security seriously.  We provide  a 100% secure remote deposition/arbitration option because we provide live  monitors for every proceeding.  Monitors can lock down sessions and track all participants entering and exiting. 

Our team will conduct a connectivity test at every site in advance of every proceeding to ensure that all locations are capable of supporting the platform.  LegalView provides military grade security and is Prevalent certified.  Here are some additional security details:

  • Securely streamed with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Securely saved on Lexitas computers by LegalView staff
  • Uploaded with 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption
  • Files are encrypted at rest with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Files are only available through our application
  • All LegalView video recordings are stored locally and not in the Cloud.  They are uploaded (over encrypted channels) into our file repository where they are encrypted at rest. 
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