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KCMBA Official Partner

May 9, 2022

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lexitas Renews as KCMBA’s Litigation Partner

If the last two years have proven anything, it’s that the only constant in life is change. COVID-19 upended a lot of what we once took for granted, from global health to supply chain infrastructure to the very idea of work. In ways big and small, we’ve all had to find ways to adjust to new realities and forces beyond our control.

Change has certainly not escaped Alaris. But in our case, our most recent change is intentional and exciting. Last summer we announced that we would be transitioning the Alaris brand to Lexitas. By the time you read this, our brand transition will be complete. When I founded Alaris in 1985, I was determined to assemble an incredibly talented and dedicated staff who would provide the best possible litigation and trial services for our clients. I’m proud of what we have built since then, and our merger with Lexitas offers a propitious way to build and enhance our core mission.

A national legal services company based in Houston, Texas, Lexitas’ primary goals are to build long-term client relationships, increase client efficiency through innovation, and build long-term value through service excellence. All of these goals align perfectly with my original vision for Alaris. Alaris has always provided valuable products and services for our clients, and we have always been guided by compassion and a focus on excellence.

Our name might be changing, but our mission will certainly remain the same. We will continue to provide comprehensive court reporting, trial, and litigation services, as well as timely delivery of finalized products and innovative solutions. We will continue to offer experienced court reporters, legal videographers, and exhibit technicians for client legal proceedings. Our exceptional account management and 24/7/365 customer service teams will continue to be best-in-class, and our attention to detail and personal touch will continue to be unwavering.

In short, our clients can look forward to the same dedicated, experienced staff and the same litigation services they have come to expect and rely on for years. The only thing that will change (besides our name) is our reach, which will allow us to provide an even broader range of litigation-based support services to our clients. As Lexitas we are committed to providing service excellence, positivity, innovation, respect, initiative, teamwork, diversity, and an ethical foundation.

We intend to bring all of these values not just to our clients, but also to our role as Official Litigation Partner of the KCMBA. As the largest and oldest bar association in the Kansas City area, KCMBA is founded on serving its members and its community by promoting justice, professional excellence, and respect for the law. We take our role in this partnership seriously because we share KCMBA’s mission and sense of purpose.

Amid all the changes the last couple years have brought to our communities and our world, Alaris has remained resilient, adapted well to new realities, and stayed true to our core values. We have created new methods to best serve our partners and clients, whether in-person or remotely. And we fully expect that as Alaris becomes Lexitas, our support of KCMBA and its members will only continue to grow. No matter what changes and challenges might come our way in the future, we look forward to offering the types of products and services that will help us all persevere, grow, and flourish together.
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Debbie Weaver

Vice President of Community Relations

After beginning her career as a court reporter with a degree from Brown’s Business College, Debbie purchased the firm she worked for in 1985. That firm continually grew and evolved into Alaris, providing litigation, trial, and mediation services. As Alaris transitioned to Lexitas, Debbie remains committed to the company and now operates as Lexitas' Vice President of Community Relations.