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Remote Video Deposition Results

January 16, 2019

Remote Proceedings

How to Achieve Dramatic Results with Remote Video Depositions

Over the past decade, remote video depositions have become far more common. As litigators weigh the benefits to their clients, their work/life balance and their limited amounts of time, they find remote depositions to be a great option for many cases.

In years past, attorneys would analyze the benefits of videotaped depositions against the added cost to the client.

Now with advancements in remote video technology – and sharp decreases in the cost – attorneys are increasingly opting to conduct remote depositions for several reasons:

Eliminate Unnecessary Travel

The time and cost of travel to take depositions adds up quickly. Travel costs for out-of-state depositions are generally much higher than the actual deposition itself. Airfare, car rental, lodging and meals can be two or three times as much as the court reporter costs.

Corporate clients are cutting back on travel and sending multiple attorneys to remote depositions. They resent the “clown car” effect of sending several attorneys to a non-critical deposition when they can get the same – if not more - benefits through remote means.

Include Colleagues, Experts and Clients

Even when you must travel to a deposition, attorneys have learned to leverage the power of their colleagues back at the office with a remote video deposition. As a result, additional staff can participate anywhere with internet connection.

Participants may interact fully or view proceedings using video conferencing technology virtual "one-way mirror," perfect for colleagues, co-counsel, clients, experts and claims professionals.

Record the Deposition and Evaluate Non-verbal Behavior

In past decades, remote depositions were conducted by phone. While technically simple, it did not convey the emotions and non-verbal ques of the witness. It was difficult to tell if the witness was scared, lying or obnoxious. Now litigators can see their demeanor in real-time.

In addition, by recording these depositions, litigators can use the power of video in trial, pre-trial hearings, and even case management meetings with clients.

Recorded witness behavior and bearing deliver powerful video evidence in trial. Remote video deposition recordings can be easily and repeatedly viewed at any time and from any location by accessing our online repository.

In cases with many depositions, clients have found great benefit in leveraging past depositions to prepare for subsequent ones. Preparation creates an advantage in planning court battles or in anticipating and responding to actions of the other party. Repeated viewings of video deposition recordings reveal micro-expressions – fleeting looks of concealed emotion resulting from an individual’s attempt to hide them.

Top-notch litigators are skilled at interpreting demeanor, facial expressions and body language. Video deposition recordings provide indispensable experience to help harness their people-reading skills.

Share Exhibits

Documents constitute an important part of nearly every deposition taken. Effectively using documents in a deposition serves several useful purposes, including:

  • Refreshing a witness’s memory
  • Confronting misstatements on the record
  • Generating topics to explore
  • Verifying the document for later use

In addition to streaming audio and video, our remote deposition services provides the ability to easily share exhibits (documents, drawings, photos, videos, spreadsheets, etc.). This capability keeps everyone on the same page throughout the deposition.

More Winning and a Better Life

Our remote deposition services are designed specifically for depositions, witness interviews and trials, our remote deposition services make it easy for law firms and in-house counsel to eliminate travel expense, reduce wasted time, and streamline complex case schedules by including colleagues, experts and clients. Furthermore, it is an effective tool for evaluating non-verbal behavior and sharing information.

Lexitas’ proprietary remote deposition offering has proven to consistently reduce costs on travel video conferencing, videography, travel and billable time.

Achieving dramatic results with remote video depositions can improve your chances of winning the case while cutting costs. It increases decision speed and accuracy, enhances collaboration and can eliminate silos. Less travel and incurred expenses can provide a better work/life balance, which may be the best result of all.

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Jason Primuth

Chief Innovation Officer

As a legal industry technology executive, Jason Primuth brings broad experience in court reporting technology. Prior to his role as Chief Innovation Officer at Lexitas, Jason was the General Manager of RealLegal and the Vice President of Sales at LiveNote, Inc. which included LiveNote software and West Court Reporting Services, the court reporting division of Thomson Reuters.


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