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Concierge Records Exceeds Your Record Retrieval Expectations

Saving you time and money, our Concierge Records Service Package gives you access to additional benefits and services.

The Lexitas Concierge Records Team is dedicated to meeting your needs from the inception of the order to the culmination of the case.  Our records specialists work a small group of curated cases to provide the highest level of attention, case specific experience, and detailed oversight on your orders.   Our value-added services reduce turnaround times and uncover records locations you may not have been aware of.

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To learn more about our Concierge Records Service Package, call 800-882-3376 or contact us below via email.

Our Concierge Records Service Package includes:

Record Mining for Additional Providers 

We review all records for references to other healthcare providers, employers, and insurance carriers and notify you of our findings so that you can get a jump on ordering any additional records that you might be interested in. These reviews help speed the discovery process along, by advising your legal team of potential record custodians that may be pertinent to the case.

Paid vs. Incurred Detailed Review 

This is not your average paid vs. incurred billing review. Our analysts are trained to discover the differences between answers to the questions and the billing detailed in the records, providing a comprehensive snapshot of who paid what when in each record.

Location Verification

Our concierge team calls each location on your original order before data entry occurs. This limits instances of amendments, common locations, type of record not available, etc.

Detailed Records Review

Our concierge team provides a page-by-page review of each record:
  • Scope Verification - Included in all Lexitas Records Service Offerings.
  • Missing Records Found - Our team is highly trained to notice the anomalies in records provided. Our team will notice and correct it before you receive it.
  • Quality Copies - If custodians provide poor quality copies, they are contacted for better pages until the best results come through.

Customized Records Arrangement 

Our concierge team will sort your records according to your preference in electronic and physical copies complete with tabs or electronic bookmarks. Options include chronological, reverse chronological, hospital type, etc.