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Legal Video Services

Lexitas Video Services

Recording your depositions can make a substantial difference in settlement negotiations and courtroom presentations. At Lexitas, proceedings are recorded digitally by professional, skilled Legal Video Specialists, ensuring you will receive broadcast quality video content. You can expect high quality individual microphones, lighting and professional backdrops to ensure video/audio quality and continuity.

Synchronized Digital Video Transcripts

After the videotaped deposition is over, Lexitas can electronically synchronize the video with the transcript, enabling users to simultaneously view both.  Synchronized digital video transcripts reduce video testimony review time and makes clip preparation for trial easy.  Exhibits can also be embedded into the synchronized file for easy reference and retrieval. Synchronized digital video transcripts are delivered with software that allows you to search and review the video, create clips and export them to trial presentation programs including TrialDirector, Sanction and Visionary.

Video Editing

To help ensure a flawless courtroom presentation, we can edit your videos to create precise clips and clip groups, eliminating the need to manually fast-forward.  Simply provide us with the page and line numbers, and start and stop words, and we will create the exact clips needed.  We offer quick turnaround time and multiple supported video formats.


Each Lexitas office and conference room is equipped with state of the art video conferencing systems, including the ability to stream realtime transcription and display exhibits to remote attendees live via picture-in-picture viewing. Our advanced technology will allow you to conduct meetings, witness interviews, remote depositions, settlement conferences, and arbitrations seamlessly across multiple locations. We can connect to other video conference suites anywhere in the world, including PC based systems.

Lexitas video conferencing services include operator-assisted support every step of the way. All conference endpoints are contacted by our technically trained staff members prior to scheduled meetings ensuring all locations are properly pre-configured and tested.

Lexitas offers full support for all remote proceedings

As the leader in remote depositions, arbitrations and trials, Lexitas offers full support to attorneys and their teams to keep their discovery schedules moving forward.
remote proceedings

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