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QME/AME Review Services

Reduce skyrocketing costs of QME/AME evaluations 

With the changes made to the Medical-Legal Fee Schedule, the potential costs of having a claimant evaluated by a QME or AME can skyrocket if records evaluated exceed 200 pages. Lexitas’ QME Review Service can significantly reduce these costs by:
  1. Eliminating any and all non-medical documents such as duplicate pages/reports, blank pages, bills, EOB’s, proofs of service, and cover sheets; leaving only the medical records for the doctor to review.

  2. Creating an index/table of contents citing the date and provider of each report provided.  If there is an additional exam required this serves as a reference for what has been already been provided.

  3. Creating a declaration and attestation including the total document page count complying with Labor Code section 4062.3.  Required by law.

  4. Sending a copy of the final document with the index and declaration directly to the parties involved such as the claimant and/or their attorney, any defense attorney you have on file, and the QME/AME for their review.  

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  • Reduce skyrocketing costs of QME/AME evaluations
  • Fast turnaround helps you comply with the tight 20-day timeframes required for QME/AME evaluations
  • Take the workload off your claims managers, assistants, and attorneys
  • A QME Review enables you to ensure the applicant side is appropriately challenged on their page count submission.

Below is an example of how Lexitas can alleviate QME/AME costs

Lexitas' QME Review Service