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Remote Video Depositions and Beyond

  • December
  • 27
  • 2018
  • Author: Andrew Kim, Creative Video Specialist, Lexitas

Remote video depositions provide a host of benefits including: reduced costs, improved outcomes and a better work/life balance. Lexitas supplies a remote video deposition software that is an extension of its court reporting services at no additional charge.

Our remote video deposition software provides a flexible and fully interactive or one-way deposition viewing.

Prior to all remote depositions, Lexitas technicians set up the necessary equipment. In addition to the setup, they also check the location’s bandwidth to make sure the connection is secure.

Beyond Video Depositions

Remote video depositions are just one type of legal video technology that can benefit your law firm. With an increasing number of hours spent daily on digital media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Hulu, juries are more fluent than ever in the visual language of video.

Juries expect images that inform and persuade. Thus, legal arguments unsupported by images carry less weight.

Professionally prepared litigation support videos often make the difference in achieving a successful outcome. Naturally, law firms and their clients diligently seek to obtain a reasonable settlement or to convince the jury and, ultimately, win the case.

For example, a recent client of ours expected a $1 million settlement verdict in court, but due to their litigation support videos they were received a $5 million settlement instead.

Improved with Editing

Almost all video footage can be improved with skilled editing while impartially presenting the facts. Security footage, dash cam video of a car chase or a crash is often damaged and can be cleaned up or enhanced.

Although the videos we produce are professional, the goal is to be journalistic, not cinematic.

Likewise, finding the right video length can be a factor. We often work with consultants to shorten clips to keep the viewers’ attention. In video footage involving medical cases, we can blur out all the faces but one to prevent HIPAA violations.

High Quality at Competitive Rates

Lexitas provides high-quality video products in modern High Definition format with the best editing at competitive rates. Unlike many others, we do the job with a quick turnaround, consistently executing our best work to portray the story and emphasize attorney points while remaining impartial.

A skilled videographer with an eye for lighting and the ideal setting can best tell the story while bringing the most relevant attorney points to light.

Legal Video Services Team

Our experienced legal video services team come from multiple backgrounds which allows us to offer more services than most.

Streamlined production methods result in 48-hour turnaround, 24 hours in rush situations. We often find ourselves in court the morning of – with video taken the night before.

Our video specialists can produce picture-in-picture (PIP) on-the-spot video mix using Elmo document cameras.

With many options for incorporating litigation support video, law firms seeking to strengthen their side of a difficult case should consult with the legal video services team.