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Automated Records Collection

We focus on records so you can focus on growth. 

Fast growing personal injury law firms face unique challenges. Our Automated Records Collection Group has created unmatched solutions unique to plaintiff law firms seeking to expand their practices. We enable you to free up your case managers' time, send more demands, reduce case expenses, and bill to file. 

To learn more about our Automated Records Collection service, call 979-779-5240.
Access the Automated Records Collection repository here

Send More Demands
Your case management system isn't
built to prioritize demands, but our
DemandsReady™ report will help your
team send more demands without
doing more work.
Consistent Process Every Time
With our system, every record and
invoice is automatically scanned and
stored in the client's folder.
Reduce Bookkeeping
Your client's record related expenses are
always paid, current, accurate, and tied
back to the correct case...all without
your accounting team entering
those clerical details.

We are fully integrated with:

The Lexitas Automated Records Collection Group has created unmatched solutions for the problems of growing law firms.