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Remote Depositions Drive Cost Savings


Remote Proceedings

How remote depositions can maximize value while minimizing expenses

The advent of COVID sparked a huge surge in remote depositions. Attorneys found them to be an effective tool to keep cases moving forward. Now that we are emerging from the pandemic, remote depositions continue to have significant staying power, in large part due to the cost savings and convenience they afford.

Download this free whitepaper and see how remote depositions can maximize attorney value and minimize travel expenses.

Included in this whitepaper:

Why Litigation Costs Are Increasing

According to BTI Consulting, litigation spending is increasing faster than caseloads for the first time in six years, and 62% of clients plan serious increases in litigation spending.

How Remote Depositions Maximize Attorney Value

Virtual depositions can cut costs by up to a third when factoring in travel expenses, and can be done efficiently if the transition to tech is fully embraced. Law firms can also realize significant cost savings when expert witnesses,
litigation staff and clients participate remotely.

Remote Depositions Cost Savings Breakdown

We explore a realworld example of the costs saved by switching from a traditional deposition to a remote one.
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Brenda Keith

Chief Marketing Officer

Since 1995, Brenda Keith has worked in marketing for some of the leading companies in the litigation support industry. From eDiscovery to court reporting to trial support, Brenda’s entire career has been focused on driving scalable, predictable revenue growth in the legal service vertical.


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