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Pocket Transcript™ Puts All Your Transcripts At Your Fingertips

The Lexitas Pocket Transcript™, included with all deposition certified copies purchased, puts all of your transcript-related materials right at your fingertips. The Pocket Transcript™ USB flash drive provides instant access to your electronic transcripts, exhibits and videos in multiple file formats such as ASCII, RealLegal PTX, and Adobe PDF. 

Pocket TranscriptAdditionally, when you order a synchronized digital video transcript, your Lexitas Pocket Transcript™ will come pre-loaded with DepoView™ video software which enables you to create and save deposition videos, create clips, and organize and isolate important testimony for import into other trial presentation software programs including Trial Director, Sanction, and Visionary.

Pocket Transcript™ offers the best in quick and convenient storage, organization and portability of all of your deposition related information and is part of our Go Green initiative.

To learn more about Pocket Transcript™, please contact us at your convenience.