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Record Retrieval

Record Retrieval for Defense Counsel, Corporations, & Insurance companies

Our approach to records retrieval ensures a process that is timely and accurate all the while keeping costs low.  We will keep you informed based on your needs, and provide accurate and timely work product, using our extensive knowledge of the specific retrieval rules in states around the country.  We customize our services to your specific needs. 


Record Retrieval for plaintiff counsel specializing in single-event, large volume injury, mass tort and class action cases

We offer a customized white-glove records retrieval solution. We have worked multiple large dockets of pharmaceutical, product defect, asbestos and water contamination cases, among many others. Read this case study to learn more about our work.

Record Retrieval for high-volume personal injury plaintiff firms

Our Automated Records Collection Group has created unmatched solutions unique to plaintiff law firms seeking to expand their practices. We enable you to free up your case managers' time, send more demands, reduce case expenses, and bill to file. 

Record Retrieval for workers' compensation cases

Our specialized workers' compensation records retrieval group works exclusively with third party administrators and employers. We have existing relationships and long standing direct bill agreements with dozens of large insurance companies around the country.